NameBlodiemere M. Parole
BirthDateI don't have one. I level up!
SkillsWordPress Designer, WordPress Developer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer.,

I am a self-taught Fullstack Web/WordPress Designer/Developer. “Fullstack”, in a sense that I can do both front-end (including WordPress, graphic design, MeteorJS, HTML, CSS, JS, etc.) and back-end (PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.) in a professional fashion. I enjoy building everything from small business sites to complex sites. If you are seeking web presence or someone to help you with one, give me a nudge.


Although I already have good educational background in terms of web technologies during my school years, I honed my skill as a Web Designer and Developer by personal study and experiences and by leveraging the online community and tutorials.

All digital projects have a lifecycle. Some maybe a quick, one-off campaign, whilst others may well be significantly more complex and long term. They may need to be intricately planned before a single line of code is created, or perhaps they simply need ongoing maintenance, support and optimization.


Whichever the scenario, my services have been specifically tailored around the digital project’s lifecycle.

I call these key cycles:


Define | Implement | Review.

Wordpress Design & Dev


Installation and setup 99%
Design & Customization 96%
Maintenance & Troubleshooting 95%
Plugin and Theme Development 92%

Web Design & Dev


Frontend (HTML|CSS|JS) 99%
Assets | UI/UX/Mockup 97%
PSD to HTML 96%
jQuery | MeteorJS | Bootstrap | React | Angular 85%

Digital Solutions


Logo | Digital Assets | SEO 94%
Vector | Convertions | etc. 93%
SEO | SEM | Marketing 90%
SEO | SEM | Marketing 89%